Smoothie King Meal Replacements

I try really hard every year with New Year’s resolutions. I tend to fail. Every single one of them. So I try really hard not to make any New Year’s resolution, so I can attempt to better myself in some way. We will just call them un-resolutions. The resolutions have a better chance of being completed that way. I want to lose weight, walk more, exercise more, get more tone… Anything, you know, to get rid of the excess baby weight… Just like a good chunk of the people out there.

I try to go on play dates constantly, to get the kids out of the house and socialize with other kids. It’s good for them. I dress and feed them, get them there on time, and forget about myself. Completely. Half the time, I don’t even know what I’m wearing and I’m lucky if I get food in my system at all. Normally, by 4 o’clock, I’m running on 3 cups of coffee. On the way to a playdate, I realized I was early and could actually grab a snack. I decided to stop by Smoothie King and check out their Change A Meal Challenge.

Smoothie King has meal replacement smoothies. They have 20 different types and they are all so different. It helps with all kinds of craving! Chocolate? There’s a smoothie for that! Peanut butter? There’s a smoothie for that! Fruit? There’s a smoothie for that! I love all of the options that there are.

It’s an extremely satisfying smoothie. Did it keep me full until my *only* meal of the day? Yes, it did! It also gave me enough energy to chase after the kids at the park. It was nice.

Smoothie King is also having a competition! Share your goal and you’ll be enter to win prizes. Post some #changeameal selfies and get entered to win every single time! Sign up for their newsletter and get a $2.99 coupon for one of their meal replacement smoothies.