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If you’ve read my blog, you know I’m obsessed with Smoothie King smoothies. They are extremely delicious and healthy! My favorite thing about them is adding veggies that you aren’t really taste in them. Especially for the kids.

I’ve been working out a lot more. Planning things in the future. I want to get healthy for the kids. I went and bought a membership for the Y. I also went and bought a double jogging stroller – those things weigh a ton! Then I add 80 lb. of kids to it, so it’s a workout just trying to walk around with it.

My goal is to lose about 20 lb. and just tone up. I would love to be where I was, before kids. What a scary thought. I also don’t mind the thought of being healthy, just in case the next one shall arrive. It’s been a little hectic, to wake up one day and just realize how not happy you are with yourself. So I’ve been trying to change that.

It’s been a bit hard to eat as healthy as possible. But I know, if I just work out, without getting my eating habits on track, I’m not going to get to where I want to be in the amount of time I want to take. So I’ve been looking into alternative ways to help me get on track. Smoothie King came out with some veggie smoothies. It helps to sneak more veggies into my diet. They introduced this new Veggie Avocado Pineapple smoothie that I’m dying to try. They also have: Apple Kiwi Kale, Berry Carrot Dream and Carrot Kale Dream. All of the flavors are pretty good. The berry one is my favorite.

Check out all they have to offer! You can also sign up to receive a coupon for a $2.99 20-oz smoothie.

  • Tanya

    I am in the same boat. I have a Y membership but I barely go now because I am so busy. Eating healthy isn’t easy but it can be done. Smoothie King is a great start!

  • Donnica Smalls

    I get a 15% off discount to Smoothie King with my gym membership that I haven’t used before. I’ll have to check them out, when I don’t feel like making my own at home or don’t have time.

  • Yesha

    Smoothie is <3 esp this Summer. This is a good start. I need to have one or two everyday