Brilliant Minds

I considered myself to be the luckiest person on the earth. I have two beautiful children that I get to be at home with every day. They are crazy, they are wild, and they are mine. They are also brilliant. They come up with some of the crazy ideas and I love hearing how everything makes perfect sense to them.

It’s hard coming up with ideas to keep them going every day. We have arts and crafts time, English time, math time, and science time – every single day. I like working on their minds and helping them become amazing people. We go on outings, to the zoo, the park, the aquarium. Anything that will be fun and gets them to learn something new in the process.

One idea that I haven’t quite tried yet, has been day camp. The oldest is getting to the point where she needs to be out more and socialize, so I think that putting her in a daytime summer camp would help out a lot. Galileo Innovations Camps have so many programs that I think Birdie would love. They have: Camp Galileo, Galileo Summer Quest, and @ The Tech. They have an amazing approach and they follow 5 key mindsets: Visionary, Collaborative, Determined, Courageous and Reflective.

They have some great programs that really help build your child’s confidence and help them to work independently to figure things out at their speed. If you want to get your kids out and about, learning, the innovative camps at Galileo are perfect for this!

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