Summer Time!

Have you been making summer plans yet? Summer time is almost here. I never realized how far in advance you need to start making these plans. There are so many different summer camps out there. I figured that it’s time for Birdie to quite possibly check one of them out. She loves being around other people and she loved to learn!

Have you ever heard of Camp Galileo? They’re a science camp that has 4 different themes: space explorers, Galileo Olympics, national park adventure, and Galileo Makers: Toys. There is so much to choose from. They each have great possibilities. I was also afraid that Birdie might be a bit too young for a camp, but Camp Galileo ranges from pre-K to 5th grade! They have various age groups: nebulas (pre-K to kindergarten), stars (first and second grade), and supernovas (third to fifth grade). So she would be able to fit right in! 

If you register before February 29th, you can get in on the Early Bird Savings! You get a $40 discount and an additional $25 per week! Use code 2016BOLD

We are huge on projects. We love working on projects every day. I try to make sure that we are learning something and having fun with it. Birdie’s latest thing is play dough. 

She loves to make food, that’s her all time favorite thing to make. We’ve also been making characters and I think planets are next. 
Don’t forget to sign up for Camp Galileo before February 29th to take advantage of the Early Bird Savings. You’ll save $40 and an additional $25 per week! If you sign up after February 29th, you’ll still save $40. Use code 2016BOLD